Packaging & Industrial

Tethis has a significant opportunity to impact this important element of our food supply chain by introducing more plant-based, compostable products for food packaging.

Food Pads

Tethis’ superabsorbents are exceptional at absorbing blood and protein-rich fluids from meat products and are also salt tolerant making them ideal for use in meat tray packaging or other food applications where dryness is important to product quality.

Ice Packs

Packaging waste in the cold chain market is becoming a greater concern especially in households that purchase meal kits. Many households are looking for a way to deal with the ice packs that keep their food fresh in transit.

Tethis’ plant-based, compostable superabsorbents provide the same level of thermal maintenance that traditional SAPs provide but allow consumers new options for disposal.


Tethis is developing solutions for many more applications in other markets including oil & gas, agriculture, and wastewater treatment among others.

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