Personal & Home Care

Tethis’ hydrogels offer product formulators new competitive plant-based options. Concentration dependent viscosity modulation with a better eco and cost profile is now available for applications where thickening or flow control is required.

Hair Care & Cosmetics

Tethis makes hydrogels from plant-based sources for use in cosmetics and personal care products including skin, hair, nail, and makeup products. As an alternative to carbomers derived from acrylic acids, our plant-based hydrogels are useful in distributing or suspending insoluble solids or in controlling the consistency and viscosity of aqueous fluids.

Rheology Modifier

Tethis’ hydrogels give product developers the ability to thicken or viscosify aqueous solutions and control flow characteristics with an ingredient that is plant-derived. Salt tolerant and easily hydrated, our hydrogels have many potential applications.

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