Personal Hygiene

Tethis’s plant-based absorbents are compostable and contain none of the polyacrylate chemicals found in traditional synthetic, petrochemical-based superabsorbents (SAPs). Designed intentionally to address the key challenge faced by absorbent hygiene product designers every day: how to make these high-performance products more sustainable. Our goal every day at Tethis is to ensure that our products are the catalyst that creates an authentic, more sustainable future for absorbent hygiene products.

Baby Diapers

Tethis’ superabsorbents enable diaper designers to make choices never offered before. Two distinct product lines create options for sustainability advances. The first is directly blendable with synthetic SAPs, enabling diaper products that have significantly increased plant content, maintain fantastic performance and come at no cost increase. A second product enables complete replacement of plastic superabsorbents, enabling a diaper core that performs as needed, is affordable and – importantly – is fully compostable, something never achieveable with synthetic SAPs.

Feminine Hygiene

Tethis’ superabsorbents, the plant-based, bio-compostable absorbent eliminates all need for synthetic, petrochemically-derived SAPs in feminine hygiene pads. Feminine sanitary napkins containing our product outperform synthetic SAPs in testing of swelling and retention of blood, high solids and various viscous fluids, allowing for complete, cost-competitive substitution of synthetic SAP in both fluff and airlaid based pads.

Incontinence Products

Tethis’ superabsorbents allow incontinence product designers optionality, offering a balance of performance, compostability and plant-content claims. Light incontinence products can cost-consciously blend in, or completely replace, synthetic SAPs in their product chassis, depending on individual product performance requirements.

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